A developer gave me a simplified description of his role, and gave my male colleague a more technical one. I'm a developer too, you idiot.

Filed my taxes, had a solid 2013, maxed out my Roth contribution, finally fully paid off my student loan, aaand I'm not wearing a bra. POWER

git it ended in tears

I may have just injured my back while hooking up a preamp to my tocadiscos? sfx: losing-my-edge.flac

Coughing like a vuvuzela

I dreamed I started welding again and insisted people call me Iron Maidel

I'mm obsessedd withh Splashh https://soundcloud.com/splashh-band/feels-like-you

Got copies of my apartment keys made. First guy made four keys that don't suit either lock. Second guy made multiple copies of the same key.

Who wants to come over this weekend and sit on my floor and listen to Nick Cave with me?

Elizabeth Candy Station