The ear infection has reached my other ear, which means in just a few hours, I will be mostly deaf.

If anyone dares to ask me how my three day "weekend" was I will throw a beverage in their face.

Live-tweeting the beginnings of an ear infection.

DAYQUIL: turning a 101.7 fever into a 99.5 fever, and making it so that my throat opens up just enough so that I don't require a spit cup.

Maybe it's the sleep deprivation talking, but I'm hypnotized by

Oh I'd love to but I need to listen to "Call Box" by Wall of Voodoo a few dozen more times

Running out of a room full of people. How Saturday mornings were meant to be enjoyed.

Dr. Chloe Weil, OBGYN, at your cervix!

Stress level Elmo

I am in mourning for my life.