and it's like what am I doing here that’s just who is this

Remember how at the end of Season 3 of LOST Jack is like "we have to go back" because life is much worse since he left the island? Portland.

Which is worse: limping (long story) home to find a damning letter from the IRS, cat puke on your new duvet, or you're me and it's both?

Perfect albums by bands whose canon I generally don't care for: You're Living All Over Me, Alien Lanes, A Catholic Education

I wrote about Uptight, the browser extension I made to bring user stylesheets back to Chrome. I am boring.

Chrome 32+ ignores user stylesheets, so I wrote (my first) extension to add that functionality back:

Stockholm is no craic.

Crying While Snowmobiling, and Trying Not To Shit Myself: The Chloe Weil Story

I have the immune system of someone who doesn't.

Today Chrome is ignoring my user stylesheet ( ) and suddenly everything on the web is grating on my nerves SO HARD.