Tell me if you'd think it'd be alright, if I could just crash here tonight you see I'm no sheep for driving, anyway I've got no place to go

Even the clerk at the pet hotel seemed uncomfortable when I referred to my cat as my husband.

Just arrived 15 years too late for my crush on Dave Grohl

TRIVIA: Both my dad and I can't tell the difference between Lyle Lovett and Tom Waits.

Anthony Kiedes' dad lives in Portland and looks like this: Is it possible to be an UGLY Lyle Lovett?

Went to the dentist today - incidentally I was 24 hours early to my appointment - but apparently three of my fillings are missing. MAGNETO!!

I saw Yo La Tengo live and it was El Boring

🎶She lies and says she loves petting him, can't find a better cat🎶

Pro tip: Don't put instant coffee in your hot cereal. It doesn't sound like a good idea and it isn't.

BBC Shows: Coronation Street, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, British Jeopardy, Frasier UK, Will & Grace & The Queen, Prince Charles in Charge