Once upon a time there was light in my life, and now there's only cats in the dark.

Scratch scratch, I was hugging a cat, long about a Caturday night!

Caaaat Macarena!

If my checked baggage doesn't arrive within 24 hours of my arrival, my flight is free, right?

I have just arrived in Portland after traveling for 15 hours with the flu. My luggage has not.

Autocorrect tried to change my office email - cweil - to "Ceol." IN IRELAND MUCH?

There's a Black Eyed Peas song from 2010 on my Best of 2011 list.

Barenaked Cat Ladies

Tomorrow we can drive around this town, & let the cops cheese us around, pasta summer something might be found to take its place. Hey Josie.

And you know it might not be that bad, you were the best I'd ever had. If I hadnt blown that whole fiasco, I might be here with you.