“We recommend Netscape Communicator 7.0 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher for both PC and Macintosh computers.”

“Ready to sign up for Online Banking? Simply contact Member Services at [phone number].” BUT IT’S *ONLINE* BANKING.

Coolest moment of the day: Watching @petragregorova converse with our waiter in fluent French. I was as excited as a petite fille.

Which is worse: appearing in the background of Portlandia (embarrassing) or MTV’s The Real World (hasn’t realized its cultural irrelevance)?

Listing my apartment on Airbnb has caused me to scrutinize some decorating decisions I have made. http://t.co/fPIGGEfS

All browsers should have a “Hide all by Huffington Post” toggle.

Pretty sure I just overheard my cat humming the chorus to Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" do you think I should be worried?"

MONDAY MORNING http://t.co/YO3dJla8

Ladies who were born in the '80s: remember how you felt after you saw The Craft?

txt from dad to my brother and me: "I love you both. Have a great day! (No I'm not dying)"