You can't just BUY EVERYTHING

To my extreme astonishment, my talk proposal was accepted @bangbangcon. I'm going to spend this weekend swathed in blankets, overreacting.

Surprised to be cited alongside so many smarter-than-me people in this thoughtful article:

I don't know why people have to pretend to be good, nobody's good.

WHAT store day?

Fuck it

The cover of Mirah's "Advisory Committee" looks like an abstract version of the cover of The National's "Trouble Will Find Me." Hello?

I watched the couple of episodes of Silicon Valley. Is this how doctors feel when they watch Grey's Anatomy?

My cool dad is letting me bring my cat to Passover Seder but I have no time to crochet a tiny yarmulke

✔ Use the word "selfie" in a therapy session