21 days of antibiotics for the Lyme disease I may or may not have. I guess you could say I may or may not be ticked off!

Ever wonder how broke, overweight people spend their Saturdays? I just patched the same crotch-hole in six pairs of jeans.

REALLY REALLY EXCITED to see the Psychedelic Furs in October, tempered only by the urge to buy New Order and/or Adam Ant tickets too.

The reason my cat sits with his paws tucked under him is because he's afraid I might eat them.

Looking at pictures of rashes online to determine what bit me.

I took the road less travelled by and ended up in Red Hook.

Afternoon Tea sounds dainty but it's really just me shoving a variety of scones in my face

ATTICA! At the actual bank location from the events that inspired Dog Day Afternoon @ Avenue P and East 3rd http://t.co/tCFrNHTp

Children move very fast when they’re pushing you out of the way but so slowly when you’re stuck behind them.

There were 250 CCs and 20 Mbps of your father in that banana stand. http://t.co/MiAEOWuu