Standing in the crowd at a Toadies concert (my first cassette was Rubberneck) after spending all day in a Mac Classic emulator. Like I'm 9.

I'm sitting across from the second most miserable person at this discount sushi go round (the most miserable person is me.)

Worried for my mom, brother, stepdad; they're in an evac zone and i haven't been able to reach them. Dad: I'm sure they'll surface MEAN.

So that's what $4,395/month gets you these days

Happy Ntnl Cat Day. Every time I refer to my cat as "a man" a rose under a bell jar somewhere loses its petals rapidly

All this hurricane chatter is reminding me that The Hurricats is a great name for a group of cats who play rock n' roll or hockey

Whatever, The East Coast; it's going to continue raining in Portland for the next 250 days.

From the gate, my dad just finished txting me a manifest of everyone on his flight that he doesn't like.

Four hours before I'm supposed to get on a plane, an ear infection. What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this

I'm not the kind who needs to tell you about a really sped up version of Age of Consent by New Order