I dreamed I was using Lagrange multipliers to derive the Hückel method. This is not real math but it proves I remember college.

Well done, United Kingdom. http://t.co/6VIDPRHr

Scrubbing my hands up to the elbows after shoving fistfuls of onions and shallots into the dank, cavernous void of a

People of Belfast, you need to shop with more urgency. Quit "faffing about" at "the till"

buhhhndle install (Ruby for sleepy people)

I am the chorus to Pearl Jam's "Alive" but sub "still alive" with "so asleep"

I'm going to Hawaii alone for New Years and I can't tell if this is a #humblebrag or a #cryforhelp

Ladies, don’t you hate it when your boyfriend accidentally calls you Build during sex?

The battery life on this new phone is an atroci

Bon Iver more like Merde Iver