I wish Facebook SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED FOREVER and the only way we ever knew it existed in the first place was by the cached favicon

OH: "Damn I thought I was giving science." - Dad

I'm preoccupied with how AJAX could be pronounced in Spanish, especially because both the J and X can be pronounced like a hilarious H.

"When a problem comes along YOU MUST LICK IT" - Devo for cats

The thing is, people have sex, so I shouldn't feel uncomfortable. But I do. It's unsettling that I had it CONFIRMED.

One of my neighbors just told me he woke up in my apartment recently after having sex with one of my airbnb guests in my bed. How to feel?

How Tralfamadorian: @apeconmyth's intriguing Periodic Calendar, a perpetual calendar obsoleting the Gregorian Calendar. http://t.co/GRTETKel

Mr. Pickle is a good cat name right? #fivehourlayoverinchicagoohare

Back in the land of spherical peas.

Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly, and also the elderliest day to fly.