The wikipedia page for space food has a lot of funny things distributed throughout it:

NAILED IT. See y'all from Jeopardy.

Chumbawambananarama: (by @plamere and via @moldeagle)

It's going to take some compartmentalization in order to sleep tonight.

I just checked in to see what condition my skin condition was in

I thought this stopped happening when my name became the 10th most popular girl's name in the country.

I forgot to share this offensively jingoistic light show I witnessed when I was in Las Vegas earlier this moonth:


There is definitely a kid named Chloe on this flight. I can tell because someone keeps sternly telling me to sit down and put my hat on.

Someone told me I looked like Liv Tyler but with Angelina Jolie's lips AND I'm in Hawaii this is the best night I've ever lived