cab → train → "the underground" → transatlantic transcontinental flight → shit flight → light rail → walk

I feel awkward.

Northwest Farm-to-Fork Ingredients with a Mexican Hair

dad_ebooks: Die Hosen sechs Dollar die Candy 30 Dollars / Blogs German mein Deutsch / Sorry it was set on German keyboard

I am having a really really sad day I can't even

Oh no they're playing Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" at this Starbucks great now I'm crying

I need next week to not be this week.

Oh god I'm seeing The National in NY on June 5 oh god oh god oh god (Related: Looks like I'll be headed home in June <3)

I'm having the worst day; Just learned that "Don't Worry Be Happy" beat Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" for Record of The Year at the '89 Grammys

"The borscht was labeled "vodka".