Hey y'all is it to late for SLASH WEDNESDAY http://t.co/UBTextdJ

I thought y'all was being cheeky, but it turns out today is actually pancake day.

Bun Iver http://t.co/arlAPRDv

If I'm awake for too long I get depressed.

Can't I just put a moustache on my contract and say it's a proposal

I started freelancing six months ago today! (redux) http://t.co/Vfx71Z8x h/t @andymcmillan

I started freelancing six months ago today! http://t.co/7ppcVQ0U

Losing my mind on day 3 of the flu http://t.co/bA8JGTtL

I used to be addicted to penne a la vodka. I guess you could say I was hitting the sauce pretty hard.

Waitstaff of London et al: you do know I'm accustomed to tipping 20% for anything that even resembles the bare minimum of service right?