Targeted ads keep showing me the thing I was looking at even after I've bought it, making me feel guilty for spending money.

"It should be noted that the ice cream itself is not kosher but 'inspired' by the Passover season." Oh Portland go to hell.

The Baroque Cycle, or as I'm finding it so far, The Book of Nerds

I lost my faith in everything when the trivia host played Bauhaus' Telegram Sam and insisted it was the T-Rex version. Now it's all ruined.

Mambo Number NaN

Oh god I broke a status message in a music side project @andymcmillan and I are working on

Pope is a great name for a featured rapper who gets one verse per song, all Lil Wayne and Nikki Minaj ft Pope, Drake and Rihanna ft Pope

More like Lame of Groans, am I right

Q: How does a web developer build a nursery? A: Mobile first! (slow clap)

The list of music videos directed by McG correlates perfectly to the list of songs that comprise the worst mixtape.