I dreamed my cat was bitten by a snake. He asked, in perfect English, "Why does it hurt so much?" and then died. So Sunday's ruined.

Because tonight I'm actually watching The Sopranos like it's 1999.

Have I mentioned that I started a twitter account for words that make me feel old @makemefeelold

I exercised for the first time in seven months today but already set a personal record of wearing 3 bras

Am I too old for Goth Night?

Is there like a "Where Are They Now" for all the kids in the video for Papa Roach's Last Resort?"

Listening to The Raw and the Cooked for the third time since 1989. (The other two listens were yesterday.)

I think we should get rid of all music discovery tools and just listen to college radio

It was only a matter of time before I became so eccentric I bought a @Dropcam to spy on my cat. http://t.co/BjUijFyX7q

Is everyone getting what they wanted out of this wave of '90s nostalgia? All I got was this huge crush on Chris Isaak.