Should I spring for saxophone lessons, or therapy? I've owned a saxophone for the past three years, but I've had these problems for decades.

"Excuse me are you Deborah Katz?" After I demurred I realized she asked me and my dad if we're democrats.

OH: I thought I was an investor but it turns out it was just a phase. I was just a little buy-curious.

My mom told me I have a figure like Kim Kardashian, who of course happens to be pregnant at the moment

Oh my god this whole time I thought Game of Thrones and the Hunger Games were the same thing

NYT called the name Chloe "played" today this coming from a publication that in 2013 STILL gushes about the undiscovered land of Brooklyn

DOM Draper, partner and creative director at SCDPCGCHTTP

Anxiety: it's better than dread.

I don't really care for Vine or even get along with @jaredcrossweil but kudos brother this is extremely funny

Between Cabaret in '98 and Macbeth last night my dad and I seem to be making a habit out of being thisclose to Alan Cumming in his underwear