What's that line in that Eminem song about putting your hand near the belly of a cat to see how much biting and scratching you can tolerate

Things I wish I was named: 1) Basil Chiffonade 2) Hounslow West

Last night I dreamed I was watching myself running naked in slow motion through a zoetrope ad nauseam. AND WHAT NAUSEAM IT WAS

So, Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, but before she got her shit together? THIS IS NOT THE LIFE I WANTED http://t.co/BR58YmwBhH

"Around 2001 [Foxy Brown] was engaged to Spragga Benz." I wonder what spragga benz means in German

Foxy Brown was 17 when she recorded Ill Na Na, I can't get over it.

The theme song to Nickelodeon's Hey Dude was basically Satellite by The Hooters but with pep http://t.co/6z2RS5Y3r0

I made a GIF of my cat being afraid of a balloon http://t.co/3FqMKYdUfj and now he is afraid of the ballon http://t.co/fluo5FL4uO YR WELCOME

@Wordridden it’s a terrible love and you’re washing with spider

If we are to remain friends then you will need to accept me as someone who really likes U2 http://t.co/ZbgNZdIICQ