21 Ughgust, 2013

♪ Woke up this morning, got yourself a cat ♪

I was going to fill out a preapproval form for an apartment I want to look at but the captcha was the word "entitled" and now I hate myself

OH MY GOD my GitHub name is wolverina and my identicon is actually Wolverine https://t.co/WSSMH0bfso

San Francisco is America's most easily-mocked city

I have forced myself to write about Mama Chloe's pizza http://t.co/lSKqjuRMrf

What’s the best way to punish people for quoting Portlandia at me? Cannot bear any more speculation on the retirement habits of millennials.

🎶 I GOT A MESSAGE FROM THE AQUAMAN. I’m happy, hope you’re happy too. ONE SLICE OF PIE, but no smoking, that’s all. 🎶

I accidentally removed half of my left eyebrow today, so if you'd like to make plans with me this month, no.

Sciatica Fridays