Met my best friend from high school for trivia and ran into a group of close friends that I haven't seen in a decade on my last night in NY.

🎶 Dropped my phone in the sink while washing my hands 🎶 (to the tune of No. 13 Baby by The Pixies)

So proud of my dad, @weilone, for editing a json file of Hebrew characters going right to left without a single syntax error.

Principia Mathematicats

Shabat Shalom! My dad is editing a json file in Yiddish.

Dad on phone: I could use more lox. I could use more lox. ... I said, I could use more lox.

Daymaker: I got a massage today and the massage therapist asked me if I did a lot of yoga or if I'm a dancer because of how my muscles felt.

HES A REPLICANT #bladeruiner

A time I ate pizza Well that was weird.

20 lines of code that will make the web less shit