I just learned that you can pronounce 'fungi' with a hard or soft g. Can't we all just get along

Last airbnb guest rearranged everything in my entire apartment, didn't restore it to its original state. Why would anyone do this

I'll bet the pilot of my somehow 10 hour flight from Belfast to Newark couldn't even control a shopping cart, let alone fly that plane.

I built Twitter, wrote about it, and I am posting this tweet FROM MY BLOG. http://chloeweil.com/blog/hipster

Mildred died.

Live-tweeted implementing POSSE to Twitter over at @chloeweil. All tweets posted from mah blog. Not too far from realizing the dream now.

Mature Millennials! Did you know that the characters from Clueless would be 34 years old today? Actually, that's not old at all.

echo and the bunny object

Feeling uneasy thinking that the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Joe Strummer were only eight years apart; those years were an eternity for me.

Fuck it http://t.co/ageU1V5mFD